Providenciales real estate expert Beth Charles is schooled in the art of hospitality and after a 16 year, stellar career in the Hotel and Tourism sector, Beth transitioned to the Real Estate profession, a career that spanned over 15 years and she attaches a premium to listening to the needs of her clients, buyers and sellers.


Serving as the 2013/14 Ambassador, and 2016/17 Vice President of the Turks and Caicos Real Estate Association, Ms. Charles was then elected, with a clear mandate, as the current President of TCREA, where she served diligently till January of 2020. Beth continues to positively influence the evolution of the institution. When asked, what is her passion for this industry? Beth’s response is “I love to serve, I enjoy giving and sharing my knowledge of these islands, that I call home, with persons who are willing to bring positive growth to these lands of perpetual Spring. This affords me untold joy and more importantly, I am true to my word and lead by example, the hallmark of authentic leadership.”

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