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The Perfect Cottage!!

I gasped!!!.. Nope, it wasn't real, the price was surreal, the location ideal. Never, not on Providenciales.. no way.. nope......... I want to buy that!! For Me!! It would be perfect for me and my two little girls I think.. sigh.. Noooo, my broker said.. a client wanted to buy it. The process has began. It's been a while since I've had this feeling that comes along with knowing and living in your passion. That satisfaction of being so comfortable in your niche it really doesn't matter the outcome because you're simply living in your passion. That's the contentment my soul experiences when I'm immersed in the process. “The most regretful people on earth are those who felt the call to creative

New Changes, New You

We've changed!!! Life will never be the same. Defining moments - Pre-Pandemic and Post-Pandemic will be the new norm woven into our subconscious and realities. We've accepted and came to the realization that we need more than virtual touch - We sooo need physical touch, sounds of nature, the laughter of our family gatherings, touching of foreheads together, long hugs, long walks and drives with family and friends, enjoying a pool party, enjoying the beach sunset, sitting watching the sunrise with loved ones, game nights, superbowl parties, cricket games and I can't exhaust them all!! But you know them!!.. you feel them.. because you miss those things too. Welcome to Lifestyles on the Rock -

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